Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Turning three

My son turned three last week! I cannot believe how time flies.  Once upon a time all he did was babble, could not blow a candle, and could not even sing "happy birthday."  Now, he gets so giddy  whenever he would hear the Birthday song and delights in blowing candles.  Sometimes I want to tear up seeing how much he has developed.  

He started going to school mid Februrary.  I had to see first if he we will have struggles in attending a three hour class everyday.  I was apprehensive and was quite sure we would have some difficulties.  But he surprised me when during his first day in school, he just happily went with the teacher and stuck it out for the rest of the class.  Of course there are days when it gets a little hard to make him take a bath and dress up because he wants to play.  But once he sees we are infront of his school, he suddenly lights up, hands me his toy and happily goes down the car.  I hope and pray that he will always have a good disposition towards school and learning.

Anyway, since this school year, I would say he is officially in school, we decided to hold a party for him with his classmates.  The school has certain policies with regard to throwing parties.  They want it just to be a simple one, as if it was a normal school day. I totally agree with that because I am not a fan of lavish celebrations.  I appreciate intimate and simple gatherings more.  

This was officially my first time to frost a cake!  I originally planned on making a fondant cake but was too tired to knead.  So, last minute I decided to make a simple cake with gum paste airplane toppers.  R was so happy to see his cake since he is so into airplanes nowadays.  It may not be the best frosted cake, but it was made with pure love.
The snack box contained homemade baked macaroni and a chocolate cupcake.
The DIY loot bag contained a yogurt drink, chocolate filled cookies, mini chocolate chip cookies and Airplanes themed bubble maker. I was so happy to score those Disney Airplanes bubble makers at Toys R'Us.
The expression on R's face when he saw us in school was priceless!  He looked so proud and happy.  We only stayed there for around thirty minutes and we witnessed how comfortable he  is with his teachers and classmates.   Now, if I can only slow down time and just cling on to my little one for a longer time.

Happy third birthday to our little pride and joy.  We will always be here for you and we love you so much!

Mommy Eats: Momma Brown

I have been curious about this coffee shop along Marcos hi-way since it opened I think late last year.    We always pass by it but It was only during my son's  summer class last May that we were finally able to try it.  

                           The place is spacious! And I like the simplicity of its interiors.  
                          It was lunch time and there was only us and another customer, 
                                       so R had the place to himself. 

They have rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, and coffee.  The Chicken Terriyaki (above) and Tapsilog (below) were only for P150.   I found the Terriyaki too sweet and it didn't taste fresh.  The  Tapa on the otherhand was relatively ok. Thank God the beef was tender enough!

This chocolate fudge cupcake was pretty moist.  Not bad for P45.

 I love the chalkboard designs in his resto and had R pose in front of one.  


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More parks, please!

I wish we had more parks and open spaces where the kids can run free and enjoy the outdoors.   We are pretty lucky that UP is not too far from our place.  That's the only place where R can run wild and free!  


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