Monday, May 30, 2016

Last days of Summer 2016

A couple of days before Mother's day,  my BFFs and our families went to Subic for our annual Summer outing. This is the second year that we have done this, last year was in Canyon Cove.  As usual, we decided pretty late mainly because we had to make sure all our schedules jived.  We ended up booking in Kamana Sanctuary in Subic.  Browsing through reviews, the resort does not really garner a lot of praises.  Majority of the reviews would be that the place is a little run down and not well maintained.  I was preparing myself or the worst,  preparing to see monkeys all over and expecting that the room would have a musky smell, triggering my allergies.

Sometimes, the best is not to set your expectations too much.  I would not say that the resort would earn 5 stars.  It is a beautiful place, if I may say.   One thing that I loved about it is that they did not scrimp on space in terms of the room.  The food was not even bad and priced reasonably.  I would think this place is one of the nicest ones that I have been to in Subic.  What I am sad about is that the place needs more attention and love.  There were signs of wear and tear all over the place and I hope the owners would come to their senses and do some remodeling and painting. That aside, we still enjoyed our stay, especially the kids.  If you ask me if we would come back, I would say, "maybe."

Top: This is what greets you once you enter the resort.  Bottom: Facade of the resort.

Everything about the room is spacious, from the bedroom to the bathroom.  The bed was ultra comfortable and the air conditioner was functioning properly, contrary to my friend's room wherein the air conditioner was making a lot of noise.  The mini bar in our room also had a lot of ants that I have keep on wiping the counter.
The bathroom had the basic toiletries.  In case you need a blow dry though, you would have to call the receptionist for one and they will bring it to your room. The bathroom though had signs of not being well maintained with stains on the faucet.

We requested to transfer to a lower room because we had kids in tow.  The buildings are 3 storeys high and there is no elevator, which might be a challenge for senior citizens.  Nevertheless, the view was amazing.  There were couches in every balcony where you could enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Upper left picture would be the Villas on stilts.  There are around eight Villas in the resort with balconies overlooking the sea.  There is a small parcel of sand where my son spent most of his time in, building sand castles and playing with his excavator.  The rest hung out at the poolside.
R&K playing in the sand.

The breakfast buffet was pretty satisfying.  For the main course, it was mostly Filipino food like tapa, longganisa, garlic rice,  adobo flakes.  They also had chicken fingers, scrambled egg, an omelette station, bread, cereals, and fruits.  We also had dinner in the restaurant that night and though the service was pretty slow, the food also did not disappoint. 

Both the adults and the kids enjoyed some Kayaking.  It was R's first time and am glad he was brave to join us.

Here are the rates for your reference


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