Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exploring the City Library

As you know, I admire my neighbor city, Marikina.  Though the city may not be as organized as before (when it Fernando was still it's Mayor), I love that there is so much to explore in this city.  There are a handful of good schools, hole in the wall restaurants that are worth dining in, a sports complex for the fitness buff, a decent market, historical places, and the ever famous street that sells all those puto pulo (we like Remy's).  When you go deeper Into Marikina, it does not feel like you are in Metro Manila.  It feels more provincial but with the comforts of city living.  My Dad loves biking around Marikina and he does this almost everyday.  He is the reason why we know about such places and things to do.  

Last week, a HS batch mate of mine posted a picture of her daughter in IG showing one of the joys of first world living - a nice public library!  How I wish we have something like that here.  

While I was having coffee with my Dad, I complained how come our government does not invest in those kinds of things.  Then he told me that Marikina has a public library.  My face lit up a bit, but immediately imagined how a public library here would look like.  I know, I am pretty judgemental, but you know what I am talking about.  However, since it is in Marikina, I figured it would be somehow better. 

So one sunny Thursday afternoon, when R refused to take a nap, we decided to check out the library. The library is located in the same building as Teatro Marikina along V.Gomez, corner  Shoe Avenue.  Before you can enter, you need to register and deposit your bag at the reception area.  If it is your first time, please do not forget to bring a valid ID.  If you want to get a library card, you just have to bring an ID picture.  

Before we were directed to the Children's section in the second floor, I was warned by the receptionist that the books are still not organized and the collection is limited. I have not been to a library for ages and it was R's first time to visit one, so we were both excited.

The Children's section is located in the second floor.  It shares a space with the Multimedia area where one can also use the Computers (not sure though if there's a fee).

The books are still not that organized and the selection not that extensive.  I believe majority of the books were also donated.  But hey, this is better than nothing.

R picked books that were already familiar to him like The Lion King and Dr. Seuss's books.

Our visit was not that bad at all.  We only stayed there though for a good thirty minutes.  R was already bugging us to go out.  Probably if the place could have been more appealing and organized we would have stayed longer. If I had the resources I would LOVE to fix the place!  But, it was worth the try and I am planning to schedule a visit sometime soon.


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