Monday, September 14, 2015

Breakfast date at Pan de Amerikana

I have never been to Pan de Amerikana and I have always been curious about why there would always be a lot of cars parked along their Katipunan branch. I think what attracts people to this place would be their quirky interiors.  The Katipunan branch even has an upside down Landrover hanging in its facade.

A few Sundays ago, my hubby and I had a quick and simple breakfast date in the Marikina branch while R was asleep.  I was excited when we reached the place.

The landscape and interiors looked inviting.

A Kalesa welcomes the visitors.

A gallery of showbiz personalities.
I was looking forward to a good Pinoy breakfast.  The price range for breakfast variety was around P90-P120.  Brewed coffee was P35, I believe.  My expectations on the food was short changed.  The portion was so small that we had to order an additional Ilocano longganisa which by the way surprised me that it cost P40 and that sole longganisa was just as big as my thumb, even a little smaller.

  Yes, I was not too happy about the food. But hey, you will  never know until you tried.  So there goes my bittersweet experience. 


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