Monday, October 10, 2016

My Bento Journey

I am an avid follower of several Bento stylists for sometime now and I cannot help but be in awe of their Kawaii creations.  I love their creativity and eye for detail.  They are so meticulously done that a lot of times you would wonder how they did that.  One day, it struck me, I should try my hand on this!  Luckily, one of the Bento moms that I have been religiously following in IG, @nikkimbento was going to have a Bento styling workshop.    My BFF and I signed up and it was also a great bonding time for us!  The  workshop lasted for around 3 hours and it came with the basic bento tools, giveaways and snack from Les bagels!   
Some of the basic bento tools included a tweezer, a puncher, paring knife, mini scissors, cutting board and bento picks. 
The process of making it does needs some creativity.  Thank God for IG and Pinterest where we can get inspiration from.
My Bento box with my prize!  A succulent was given to the most creative bento box from each table.  
My BFF and I with our Bento boxes for our boys.

I was so pumped up and inspired after the workshop and it does take time to master everything.  Practice makes perfect as they say.  Now, at first my son got freaked out when I brought home the Bento box that I did that he did not eat it.  I felt all my effort fell into pieces, but persevere as they say.  He did not want see animal faces, did not want vegetables and even nori.  So, even if I wanted to get more creative I had to hold myself and start slow, until one day, he was the one that told me he is fine seeing 'seaweed' in his food.  He started to get excited about his daily 'baon' and in the long run volunteered to help me decorate his Bento box.  He is also a picky eater, have I forgotten to tell you?  With our Bento journey, it also slowly helped him explore outside his usual menu of Spaghetti, Ginning, Chicken Nuggets and Fish fillet.  

The very first Bento Baon after the workshop.
Giniling with Plain rice.  No decoration whatsoever, just Car picks , coloured silicon cupcake moulds and make believe grass.  There are online sellers and some bento tools are available in Daiso.
Creamy Spaghetti with BBQ Cheese sandwhich.
Nuggets with Larry the dog.  
This was supposed to be a bunny that somehow looked like a Cat.  He loved it anyway.
Monster series.
Let's play ball!
Daiso now a days is a haven for me since that is where I got most of my Bento tools and accessories.  I also use cookie and fondant moulds.  Cling wrap will also be your best friend to make different shapes for the rice.  

Bento making is one of my love languages for my son.  I really try to set aside time for this.  It used to be everyday, but due to some constraints, I make it a point to have a Bento box for him every Monday.  I love doing it and I'm happy that it is something that he looks forward to.


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