Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maternity fashion peg

For some women, they love being being pregnant. They say that it's that time when you have an excuse of wearing body hugging clothes and showing off your growing tummy and not feel guilty. However, for me it's the other way around. I don't feel my best and I feel like I'm such a BIG whale!
There is this old saying that when a woman loathes dressing up during her pregnancy, it's a boy. This being my second, I am inclined to believe that it's true (baby number 2 is another boy!). However, lately I am having this urge to dress up and celebrate my pregnancy - or at least I am trying to. I have been inspired by these pregnant women to strive to dress better. I love the blazer and red jeans combo the best. I both have these but they no longer fit me. Too bad. Now those two are on my shopping list, again! But hey the aim here is to look good an feel good- haha excuses!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Toddler dilemma: dealing with a semi-picky eater

I never thought the day would come when my son would be picky with his food. It was not difficult to feed him anything until he turned 19 months this month. Suddenly, he would refuse to eat his meals, specifically his lunch. With breakfast I don't have any struggles making him eat even if he just drank milk. Lunch time is a hit or miss thing which stresses me out. Dinner time is a little less stressful because most of the time he will eat. I noticed though that if I give him fruits, biscuit, bread or anything sweet he'd eat it. However, I don't want to make it a habit to just give in and not feed him real food. I'm pretty cautious of the food that he eats. I don't want him to get used to eating too much sweets and junk food. So right now, I'm still experimenting on what will and will not work. Spaghetti bolognese is so far his favorite, and he"ll eat it anytime. But that can't be his meal every single day. So now, I have started looking for recipes online for picky eaters to add variety and to lessen my stress.

I sure hope that his is just a phase and he"ll get his groove back. Any tips you can share?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mommy bakes: Oreo cheesecake

For the longest time I have been dying to try this cheesecake recipe that I found in the net. I compared it to the other recipes I found and it seemed that Chantal's New York Cheesecake had a lot of positive feedback and was rated 4.5 stars. I just substituted the crust with Oreo and added Oreo bits to the batter since I had a pound of crushed Oreos waiting to be used. I baked it for an hour and left it in the oven for around 2 hours and had it cooled at room temperature for 5 hours.

The verdict? It was good. So good! I think I gained a few pounds eating it for 3 days (hahaha)! Though the next time I need to lower down the temp to around 325F (against 350F) and line the pan with aluminum foil since the sides were a little toasted. I will also use low fat cream cheese and Splenda to make it less fattening next time. I forgot to mention that I totally forgot to grease the pan! Lazy me! I was lucky that the cake did not stick to the pan when I transferred it to a plate and there were very few cracks.

This will definitely be a recipe I will keep and will surely keep making.


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