Thursday, January 12, 2012

More fun in the Philippines

The new DOT campaign has gone viral.  I have been seeing a lot of photos with the new tagline " more fun in the Philippines."  The new campaign has garnered a lot of criticisms though.  I really do not care about the negative reaction.   I think what we should concentrate more on is  asking ourselves how well we know our country and how we have helped promote tourism.  A lot of us would rather explore the beauty of other countries and skip on discovering the many wonders the Philippines has to offer.  It can be pretty embarrassing when a foreigner knows your country more than you do.  The new campaign just made me realize that I should start getting to know the land where I was born in.  Hence, from now on, I vow to start exploring this beautiful country.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Of malls and changing tables

I never really thought about/ complained about  the lack of changing tables in Shangri-la mall until I had my own son.  You see, I (actually, my whole family) love to go the Shangri-la mall.  We are in Shang every week, at the very least.  We even used to hear mass  in the 2F every Sunday at 11am.  It is our mall of choice  because they have clean washrooms, subdued piped in music, not too crowded and it just feels safe there.  One more thing that I like about this mall is  that they have roving first aid people clad in yellow jumpsuits --- I had first hand experience on their responsiveness and helpfulness when I fainted (I was by myself) in the mall while hearing mass some 5 years ago.  But that's another story!

So anyway, going back to the reason why I'm writing this blog --- It's just disappointing for a 1st class mall like Shang not to have enough changing tables in their washrooms! They charge an entrance fee (majority of their washrooms) and yet can only provide 1 measly changing table in the 5th floor! Can you imagine the queue on the 5F ladies washroom during weekends and having to go all the way up/ down the floors just to change your baby?  Oh, you'd be pissed! I wonder if someone ever thought of writing to the management and making them SEE this ---well I'm sending them a letter today!  How much would 1 changing table cost? I'm sure the mall can afford it, especially since they charge an entrance fee to the washrooms.  

I hope Shangri-la steps up since all of the other malls, specifically SM - all their branches ( well, the ones that I have been to) have changing tables in every ladies washroom ( and read: they don't charge a fee). Kudos to the newly renovated Rustan's in Shang mall for seriously thinking about the mommies and babies.  Not only did they install a changing table ---the cubicles are huge enough to bring the stroller inside.


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