Monday, February 15, 2016

Honkgkong trip Part 2 : Where did we stay?

We have never stayed in Causeway bay.  Every time we would go to Hong Kong, TST would always be the default area that we would stay in.  Probably it's due to familiarity.  This time around, we decided to book in Causeway bay for a change and because that's the area where IKEA is at.  We just booked our hotel via Agoda and also reviewed Trip advisor for tips and feedback.  We ended up choosing Regal Hong Kong Hotel because it is one of the stops of the Airport Express Shuttle, it's a few minutes away from the MTR, Times Square and (of course) IKEA.   Another plus is that Din Tai Fung is just at the ground floor of the hotel. 

When we arrived in the hotel, there were a lot of luggage in the lobby lined up for check in.  Hong Kong just never runs out of tourists.  Considering that it was Thursday, there was just a swarm of people everywhere! 

We were so happy with our room!  It was pretty big compared to Hong Kong standards.  A plus was that there was a tub that my son really enjoyed.  For breakfast, we usually just went to Mc Donald's and 711 which were just a couple of minutes away from the hotel.  There is also a Money exchange store across Regal HK hotel that offered competitive exchange rates.


The King sized bed was very comfortable, especially after a long day walking!

My boys at the receiving area of the room.

Basic toiletries were provided for.

Separate shower and tub.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hongkong trip Part 1

Our recent family trip will be one for the books and I think will be one of the most unforgettable.  It was our first time to go out of the country as a family and with my parents.  It was also R's very first plane ride.  All of us were on a high as the day approached for this adventure. All of us were anticipating R's reaction.  We  did have a lot a fun though we may have encountered a few challenges, but it was all worth it!

We left Manila at 8am via PAL on a Thursday.  We just left our car at Park and Fly and was hanging out at the airport as early as 4am to avoid traffic.  Believe me it was a good move since there was already a lot of traffic build up on our way to the airport.  What I loved about traveling with a kid is that you get priority check-in and boarding and that makes things a little easier. Since it was our first OOTC with R, we did not know that we can bring his stroller all the way through boarding.  It was not a huge issue though since Terminal 2 is manage able.
Keeping him busy while waiting.  We did not know that there was a play area at the end of the far end of the airport.  We should take note of that for our next travel.

Our first Family trip!
R was very excited for this trip that he never slept before departure and during the plane ride.  During take off,  I had him drink water.  I thought we nailed it.  But when we started descending, that was when we had a little nightmare.  He could not bear his ears popping.  The descent took quite a long time that we ran out of chocolate milk which should have helped ease the discomfort.  Literally, for five-minutes (which felt like forever) he was crying and shouting, "Bring me home" and "Get me out of here."    I give myself a pat on the back for hanging on and composing myself.  I tried so hard to be very calm so as not to aggravate the situation.  I think what stressed me more was not really him throwing a fit, but it was knowing what the people around us were thinking.  But, that's life and I am thankful that no one gave a smirk or made any side comments. 
The flight back home was great.  I knew better and bought a huge chocolate milk from the grocery and bought 3 boxes of Egg surprise which kept his mind off from his ears popping.  Now, time to think of more activities and strategies for a long haul!

Goofing around before take-off, crossing my fingers that it would be a peaceful journey.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kitchen fun with a preschooler

I had to take an unexpected leave last November since I (once again) miscarried.  Not the best way to prepare for the holidays.  Although we lost yet abother battle, like a fighter, we stand up and fight and face another day.  I am still blessed to be alive and be with my family. 

After four weeks of resting, I took the opportunity to do some kitchen activities with my preschooler. I confess, I have not had the energy to do these as much because I of work.  But I know that should not be an excuse. This 2016, I commit to have more time for activities and travels with our little man.  The excitement in his eyes is priceless.

Making his first chocolate chip cookies.

For Christmas, he received an Ice cream maker from his godmother.  This was one of the highlights of our Holiday activities.  You know how kids LOVE ice cream.

R is a picky eater.  One of the food that he loves is pizza.  I have ready made pizza crust in the freezer almost all the time.  It is so easy to prepare and he can also make it on his own.  We like Delmonte Italian Pizza sauce with lots of mozzarella cheese.


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