Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Welcome to my new world!

As I write, it occurred to me that I have been back in the workforce for a month now.  Wow, I survived my first thirty days as a working mom!  You might not know it, but my absence in the blogging world was because of this new chapter in my life, or should I say in our lives.  It was not an easy transition especially with R.  Even before I got a job, I was already prepping him for months, telling him that mommy will soon need to work.  However, no amount of preparation prepared me for the first two weeks that I started going to work.  R would force me to remove my clothes whenever he would see me dressed up for work or he would say that he will go with me and needs to change. He would cry whenever I would say goodbye.  My heart broke every time and I forced myself to make goodbyes quick.  Soon, he figured our new set up and adjusted to our 'new life.'  I was both relieved and saddened realizing that there was a time wherein R and I were inseparable.  

The last three and a half years that I spent with R is incomparable.  There is no monetary equivalent and no amount of promotion can ever equate to it.  I am thankful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience it.   Nevertheless, despite our new set up, Motherhood continues.  It's just that I need to juggle two jobs now.  

I remember someone asking me how I would be able to manage especially that I would be in the graveyard shift. I am not able to sleep eight hours a day anymore.  Before my bed time, I bring R to school and wake up a few hours before going to the office to play and either have merienda or dinner with him.  It is difficult, but doable.  We are lucky to have a support system that entails us to make it work.  I am thankful that my parents are still willing and able to be with my son while I sleep during the day, which lessens the stress on me since I know he is in good hands.   Hubby takes over at night and weekend mornings so that I could catch some sleep and prepare myself for our weekend activities.  Weekends are extra sacred this time around since these are the days when we focus all our attention to our small family and just be with R.

SAHM or  WAHM or working mom, there will always challenges. The magnitude of stress may sometimes be amplified in one, but all of us are in the same (motherhood) boat.  While I can say that I have experienced being a SAHM and working mom, there should be no debate or discussion on who is better because at the end of the day, we will always have the best intention for our families.  


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