Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The waiting game

We've finally been able to have our room repainted and we're just waiting for the carpenter to make some changes on the dresser and we should be fine. Our room looks way much better and I can't wait to give birth! The little bean is more active than ever and it's the first time that I would literally jump off my seat when he kicks real hard! Definitely, no two pregnancies are the same. Rocco on the other hand is getting bigger by the day and has been a little more clingy than usual. There are times when I feel so guilty because I could not carry him and run after him as I used to. It's also one of the reasons why I cannot wait to give birth.

In the meantime, I am savoring every moment and time alone with my first born. I'm already thinking about how our daily routine will change once the baby comes. I hope we will not have so much difficulty adjusting (cross fingers).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project anti- mosquito

For some strange reason, the mosquitoes and other insects seem to love feasting on Rocco. It's something that he got from his Dad. Not sure if their blood is sweet or anything, but they often sport bites while I don't get any, even if we are all together. You can call them "kilabot ng mga lamok."

I get so stressed out whenever Rocco has bites. When he is bitten, it swells like hell and at one point it got so infected that it turned into a boil! I had to see his pedia when he got that because it was my first time to encounter such. But hubby was telling me, when he was a kid, he often had those - iwww! Sa lahat naman ng mamamana. Buti nalang lalaki si Rocco. If not, I would be doubly stressed worrying about the marks if he were a girl! Having said that I have been on constant look out for the most effective and safe
Mosquito and insect repellants and ointment. So far, I'm liking the ff:

1) Messy Bessy insect repellant- This retails anywhere between P330- P400, depending on where you buy them. What I like about it is the light smell and of course, it's environmentally friendly. I hate oily products and those that have an overpowering (citronella) smell. I spray this on Rocco's clothes at least every four hours and I literally spray this everywhere - under the bed, blanket, or any dark area in the room. So far so good (crossing my fingers).

2)Home Life Citronella wax - We have several of these in the house strategically placed where the mosquitoes are. We also place these under the bed in our bedroom.

3) Baygon anti dengue mat - This comes in a kit which is less that P60. The kit contains 5 mats and a device where you place the mat and plug in an electricity outlet. This is good for 8 hours. We use this at night.

4) Dermocure ointment - My husband buys this at the Chinese drugstore and is super effective in making the bites subside. I believe it costs P300.

We also have the ultraviolet light, but it's not effective in killing mosquitoes!

So far I'm quite satisfied with the 4 things/ devices. Here's hoping that the mosquitoes stay away from us!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tiny Toms

I chanced upon Toms some two years ago and have loved it ever since! I have sensitive feet so I really am always on the lookout for shoes and sandals that are good to my feet. What I also like about Toms is that for every pair of Toms that you buy, you know that you will also be helping someone. That's why they call it One for One - one person buys and another one is helped.

I decided to buy Rocco his very first pair of Toms because he is so into walking and running. It is now his most "sulit" shoes to date. It's so comfy and easy to use. Just slip it on and he's ready to go. I love it because it's so light. He literally uses it every single day!

Rocco and Mommy's Toms


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