Thursday, November 8, 2012

Take two!

Being a second time mom, I could say that I have learned my lesson (hopefully). There are things that I would not and will continue doing, things that I will never buy again and will buy again, and so on. So here are some of the lessons I have learned having my first born:

1) Breastfeeding

I will commit myself to breastfeeding. I always thought that breastfeeding was easy so I never bothered to research and attend breastfeeding seminars. As early as now, I am arming myself with information, psyching myself and my hubby to be committed.

2) Eating habits

We have trained Rocco to always eat with us, sitting in his high chair without watching any television. So far I can say that he has been a good boy, eating without the need of entertainment. No TV. No cellphones. No ipod/ ipad.

It is also my fervent wish that Rocco does not develop a sweet tooth like me and that he will not enjoy snacking on junk food. I know this will all depend on what food we give him. I am keeping him away from junk food and fast food food. I want him to eat healthy so he can stay healthy.

3) Sleeping habits

I have never been a fan of letting the baby cry it out. There have been studies showing that it adds stress to the baby. This is the reason why I also researched on other options on how to help Rocco establish sleeping habits. I came across Elizabeth Pantley's No cry sleep solution through my cousin in Law who was reading it then. I got curious and got hold of the last piece in the bookstore. I liked her concept, although I really did not strictly follow doing journals and stuff.

Sleep training was not easy. I used to envy my friends whose babies would already pull an all nighter at a very young age. There were days wherein we were successful and there were a whole lot of days wherein I wanted to just give up. But one thing I realized is that for it to work, you have to be consistent and make it a routine. Before we knew it, Rocco was already asleep by 8pm. I am proud to say as well that to this day, when the clock hits 9pm, he's a goner. I will definitely train baby number 2 the same way.

4) Baby/ Toddler room

I guess you will never know how it really is once you have a child of your own. Once Rocco learned to roll over, that was when I seriously started to worry about having a baby proof space. All the more when he started to walk and climbing furnitures. If I have a lot of money I would love to redecorate his room and make it more toddler and baby friendly.

Just recently, we decided to dismantle the daybed since Rocco loves jumping on the bed. It just scares the hell out of me because he might hit his head on the bed railing or fall from the bed. So having the mattress placed on the floor was indeed a good idea and my son loves it so much.

There goes some of my lessons learned from my first born. What about you?

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