Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toddler activity: Pasta tub

I have observed that Rocco is already starting to get bored with his toys. For the past two weeks, I did some research on toddler activities, specifically on sensory play and boy did I find a lot! I'm excited to introduce him to the many activities! Enrolling him to weekly classes again is not an option right now because I am already having quite a hardtime doing floor exercises with him during class. So in the meantime, I resorted to making the activities myself. What I like about these activities is that they are not expensive. A lot of the tools are already available in you pantry, kitchen and school supplies box.

Today, other than our daily clay molding session (he loves clay), I prepared a Pasta Tub which he absolutely loved! By the end of his 'play' everything was on the floor, hahah! Well, the point is to acquaint him with different textures and not worry about how messy it could get.

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