Friday, August 22, 2014

Buwan ng Wika activity: Let's make some Pastillas de Leche!

Back in the day when I was still studying, it was known as Linggo ng Wika.  Nowadays, it is known as Buwan ng Wika.  It is a month long celebration every August to celebrate the Philippine National Language. Coincidentally, it is also the birth month of the Philippine's Father of National Language, former President Manuel L. Quezon.  Personally, I think having a month long celebration is a good thing especially now that there are many children that are having a hard time speaking and even understanding Tagalog.  It is a sad reality and I think our generation of parents need to exert more effort in making sure that the Filipino language stays alive with our children.

Philippine and KKK flags by the kids at R's school.

Now that R is already going to school, he gets to celebrate Buwan ng Wika.  Part of his school's activities is to invite parents to volunteer to read a Filipino story, teach kids to make any native dishes or desserts or show and tell about a famous landmark or destination in the Philippines that they have been to.  I chose to teach them how to make No-cook Pastillas de Leche (Thanks to my HS barkada Mia for giving me the idea!). I wanted something quick, easy and something that the kids would enjoy doing as well.

The children had a blast making their own Pastillas de Leche.  I think each of them were able to make at least three each.  I also pre-packed one Pastilas each per child to bring home so they could show it to their parents.

I also added a twist to the basic Pastillas de Leche by givng them an option to roll it in crushed cookie crumbs and making them into Pastillas pops.  The Pastillas pops idea was a big hit!  Seeing R and his classmates' excitement and enthusiasm was priceless.
And I saw these three pogi boys snacking right after our Pastillas making session!  Nagutom ?

In case you want the recipe, here it is:
1 1/2 cups powdered milk 

1/2 cups condensed milk 
1/2 cups white sugar for rolling

1. Put powdered milk into a bowl.  Make a well in the middle then add condensed milk.  Mix well.  If you find the consistency too wet, add powdered sugar until you reach the desired consistency.  Same goes if you find the mixture too dry, add condensed milk.

2. Roll the dough-like mixture into balls or small logs.

3. Roll the balls or logs in sugar. You can also get creative, by rolling it in crushed cookie crumbs like we did.  

4. Last, wrap them in cellophane, put on small cupcake liners or stick them into paper straws if you want to make Pastillas Pops.

I am sure that your kids will have a blast doing and eating this one. Have fun and enjoy!

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