Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cupcakes take the cake

For several years now, people have been obsessing about cupcakes, making them the highlight of important events instead of the convential cakes.  A lot of creative flavors have been born apart from the usual chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes.  Gazillion flavors and uber cute decors adorn this little dessert that everyone's going gaga over.  For the longest time I have been wanting to go back to what I've always loved doing as a kid - baking.  I used to bake cookies and cakes and sold them during Christmas, but that stopped when I became too busy with work.  I'd rather sleep than bake, that was how tired I was.  I regret the fact that I stopped.  But now, I'm trying to go back to my first love, especially now that I have Rocco.  I want to be the one to make all his birthday/ celebration treats.

Celebrations are more special if you make it personal. Hell yes, there are a lot of dessert gurus out there that I can order from, but nothing beats homemade goodies.  One day, I'd love to be able to say, "I made my son's birthday cake," or my son say," My mom made my birthday cake and it's so cool!" Hence, this is the reason why I enrolled at Heny Sison's Theme Cupcakes in preparation for Rocco's baptism.

The Theme Cupcakes (by Chef Aggy) workshop teaches you how to make 3D cupcake toppers (so don't expect that you'll have hands on training on how to make different cupcakes since that's another class). When you come to class, the cupcakes are already prepared, topped with fondant that acts as your topper's base.   Chef Aggy will  quickly show you how to make the banana choco chip cupcakes, fondant and gum paste and the rest of the time, she will teach you how to make the toppers.

Initially I was wondering why the class would run from 10am to 6pm.  That long to 'just' make 3D toppers? I never thought that making these little toppers would be so tiring because you'd be using your hands all day molding (gum paste) them into works of art.  You will need A LOT of patience especially if  it's your first!  I'd say it's also not for everyone because you will need to be creative.  Time flew so fast  and before I knew it, the day was over.  I took home all 10 cupcakes that I made by myself and was itching to start on my 1st project, my son's baptism!

Under the sea : our first cupcake, I had a hard time doing the starfish because I forgot to cut my nails!  Lesson learned: always have short fingernails!

Baby shower/ Baptism
For the Bagaholics

Safari/Jungle theme

 My first project: give aways for my son's christening

Bottles (yes, those are bottles ;) ) and booties

For Heny Sison's schedule of classes, check her website: .  The Theme cupcake workshop costs P2800, a whole day hands on class where you get to take home your works of art.

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