Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mommy Finds: I'm masaya over my SAYA!

Ever since I gave birth to Rocco, I have been in search for the perfect carrier.  Not that I'm too lazy to carry him --- he's just way too heavy to carry especially when we go out.  I've gone through three carriers/ slings and I am so happy that on my 3rd attempt, i finally found my match, the SAYA sling!

The very first carrier/ sling that I bought was the Ring Sling (P995).  The video tutorial looked very easy to follow, thus I quickly went to Shangri-la mall to purchase one.  Alas, I found out that it wasn't easy to use after all. It was a  good thing that the store allowed me to return the item, and I just exchanged it for another set of cloth diapers.

My second affair with a carrier/ sling was with the Chicco carrier (P1700) which I bought after returning the ring sling.  I felt that this would be the way to go since it's as if I'm just carrying a backpack.  It was ok after awhile.  However, Rocco also got heavier and carrying him using the carrier caused my back and shoulders to ache big time! I couldn't stand carrying him for 10 mins while walking around the mall.   Right now, the Chicco carrier is back in the box.

So, I honestly gave up on ever putting my little Shaolin in any carrier until I saw one of my high school batchmates in Shangri-la with her daughter in this sling that looked so comfy!  She told me that one of the kiosks in the children's floor is selling it.  That day, I also saw another mom in the mall happily carrying her little girl in this sling and they both seemed  happy and comfortable with it.    I didn't waste any time and rushed to the 4th floor of the mall in search of what would be one of my good finds.  I found out that this sling is called the SAYA.

The SAYA comes in two kinds, the semi-stretch knit (P950) and the Versatekk (P1400).   I loved the feeling of the fabric, which is the same fabric used in work out/yoga clothes. Since Rocco was with me in the mall that day, I was able to practice putting on the SAYA and Rocco before I made the purchase.  To my excitement, I used it at once while my mom and I went to the grocery.  My dad was also happy with it and even uses the SAYA when he carries his grandson around the house.  As for the hubby, his first reaction was furious at first, commenting " Not another carrier! That's your third and am sure you'll not use it!"  I had to make him feel the difference and he had to agree that wearing Rocco using this new carrier was more forgiving to the back and shoulders and our son seem to be enjoying it.  The true test was when we went to the mall and didn't bring the stroller with us, just the SAYA.  For 1 1/2 hrs, I wore my son comfortably. The verdict: We are truly maSAYA with the SAYA!

 Photo borrowed from Indigo Baby

Hubby trying on the Saya with Rocco

Thank God I found you!

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