Friday, March 30, 2012

What's inside my bag (diaper) and other must haves

Once you have a child you will understand why you will need to have everything in handy and in excess especially when you still have a baby/ toddler.  With everything that we need to bring, I try ( again, try) to bring a diaper bag that's not too heavy for the stroller to hold.  So, here are my diaper bag essentials and other must haves whenever we go out or travel.

I have 3 diaper bags (LOL!)  2 were given to me as gifts and the other one, I bought since I also wanted to have a lightweight bag.  My favorite is the one given by my son's ninang Audrey for Christmas from Momtrepeneur Shop in  Shangri-la mall.  I love it because of its chic design and the outside pockets which makes thing easier and accessible. (photo from Momtrepeneur Shop)

Now moving on to the things I can't live without whenever we go out:

Water spray - Yes, you read it right, water, as in agua!  When I can, I try to void using wipes.  I bought a small     automizer to make things easier.

Insect repellant   (stick on and electronic) - This was due to the Dengue outbreak a few months back and everyone was very scared to have any mosquito bite.   I usually stick the insect repellant either at the back of my son's shirt or at the hemline of his shorts/ pants.  For the Chicco battery operated insect repellant, I use it when we are outdoors or in dark places.

Baby wipes - Of course who can't live without them! 'Nuf said.

Pigeon hand and mouth wipes - This was one of my Mom's discoveries.  I use this especially when there are a lot of people that held my son's hands (!), after playing at Gymboree, and after eating a messy meal :)

Mustela - Another product that my mom discovered while going around Shangri-la
   (They also have it in SM Megamall.  In Shangri-la, they have it in Rustan's and they also have a kiosk at the 4F in front of Mothercare >>> a little cheaper than Rustan's)

Since the bottles are too big, I transferred the contents to small atomizers.  Mustela products are paraben free.

   PhysiObebe No rinse Cleansing fluid - I use this as the last 'wipe' during diaper change.   It can also      be used to clean your baby's face.  It's alcohol and sop free and has neutral pH.

    Soothing comfort balm -  This is a chest rub that soothes and relaxes the baby.  It also helps in easing breathing discomfort.  I use this before  before bedtime especially when he is irritable or has colds.  

    Skin refreshener -  I love how it smells on my son (and me) -so fresh, clean, smells like a baby! It reminds me of Tartine et Chocolat!

Boogie Wipes and Spiffies tooth wipes - another fab find by my Mom when she went to Singapore!    The Boogie Wipes are saline infused wipes.  It's great to use in removing those hardened mucus.

The Spiffies toothwipes come in handy on days wherein we come home late and won't be able to go through our usual routine of taking a bath and brushing his teeth.

Baby King Disposable diaper bags - I bring a handful with me every time and comes in handy especially when my son does the #2.  It keeps the smell away since it's scented.

Munchkin mat - A gift from the Cabelin's during my baby shower.  I love it because there are compartments for you to place the wipes, a couple of diapers, and other things.  In that way you don't need to rummage through the diaper bag. (photo from

Triple Paste diaper cream - Oh I just so love this baby shower gift from the Licopit's!  It does do the job, fast!

Playtex drop-ins - Back in the 80's, yes the 80's!  This was the type of bottle that my aunts were using.  It's great for traveling since I only bring with me the drop ins and extra nipples!  A box of 100 liners costs around P500, so what I do is to buy several boxes whenever my mom goes to Canada or someone from there goes home since it's cheaper by around P150.  (photo from

Whew! That wasn't easy, hahah!  I think this post will have a Part II :)

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