Friday, June 15, 2012

Turning ONE

Finally, the party is over! My anxiety was heightened as the day to my son's 1st birthday celebration was nearing. I was a bit worried about two things.  First would be the attendance because the celebration coincided with the Pacquiao fight - and you know how people are during a Pacquiao fight (everyone is glued on the television, no one is out on the streets). But we are very blessed to have wonderful family and friends who prioritized the party over Manny - no vacant tables and we were full house! Those who watched the fight still made it to the party. We truly appreciate everyone for coming! It was a true test of family and friendship (those who didn't come were the usual suspects). The second reason was because it was my first shot at planning a party and I was nervous how it would turn out.  We didn't want an extravagant one with too many balloons and shows.  Our top priority was the food and out caterer (Tjioe) did not fail us.  We  received very good feedback from our guests how delicious the food was.  My FIL, who is a very picky eater also commented that the food was great.   That's was indeed a good sign, whew!

It was truly a dream come true since I have always wanted to plan a party all by myself.  I had a lot of fun planning and executing everything, even if it was a bit tiring.  Anything for my son!

The pictures below were all taken before the party.   I'll post the official photos from Ibaby once I get them.

DIY Sweets Station was a hit!  (M&Ms, Flat tops, assorted candies from S&R and Popcorn)
Eco Loot Bags in red and blue from Robinson's supermarket.
Loot bags contained a bag of sweets, oreo and M&M cookies, a bubble bottle and Toy Story toys.
Balloons by Pink and Peach Party
 Handmade Table decors to keep with the Big Top theme.
 (Popcorn Box template ordered from Michelle Bradley, Tent template from
Kept the Kiddie Table simple with candies and a set of coloring materials to keep them busy.
Made Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella buttercream for the Birthday boy.
DIY Big top cupcake toppers
Inside the Brown paper bag were... candies and chocolates!
Paperbags with DIY seal
Tarpaulin design ordered from Bigstock.
DIY paper lanterns
Gamebooths from

Caterer: Tjioe (pronounced as "choo") 8546600

Balloons and Bubble show: Pink and peach party 09052930905

Venue: Valle Verde 1 clubhouse

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