Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party planning

My husband and I were initially planning to just have a super small gathering of family and a few selected friends for our son's first birthday party mainly because we had him baptized before his first birthday ( Chinese tradition is to just have one party for the christening and 1st birthday). We were looking at having it at a Chinese restaurant, but I had reservations because the theme that I had in mind will not really jive with the ambience.  It really is pretty hard to limit the guests to just 70 especially since my husband comes from a big family.  So anyways, we decided to look for a bigger venue.  Secretly I was so ecstatic!

For the theme, I veered away from the usual party themes.  I want a unique one, hence I thought of a carnival/ big top circus theme.  I don't know why but I was so drawn to this theme when I saw a kiddie party with this theme.   Probably because it's different and I can use the colors that I  love (red and turquoise), or obsessed about!  The idea of having this theme may seem grandiose, but we are just planning to have a low key party, nothing extravagant with jugglers and stilt walkers.  It's making the decorations and desserts that I will be doing that I am excited about, and again, the COLOR!

As early as February I have already been doing my research and as early as April I have started doing some of the decorations.  I need to start early because I do not have a yaya to watch over my son (thanks to my parents, my hubby and our helper for taking turns in playing with Rocco while I do my stuff).   I never realized how helpful the internet can be!  I was able to download templates and pictures and got design inspirations. My favorite site is Etsy.com and just so love Michelle Bradley's designs. I will be posting pictures of the party next month, but here is my inspiration board.

The possibilites are endless and there were nights when I couldn't decide that the decorations will be.  I just can't wait to see the end product!

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