Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confessions of a soon to be second time mom

We are expecting! It came a bit of a surprise to us but nevertheless we are so thankful for another blessing! When Rocco was still not yet active, I wanted to have another baby before the year ends. When he learned to walk and turned one, I changed my mind and decided we will wait until he turns two. I was also contemplating on going back to work. But God had better plans. I took it as a clear sign that I will focus on my growing family an be there for my second child full time, similar to what Rocco experienced.

Things feel quite different with baby numero dos. I feel nauseous, sleepy and hungry all the time! My morning sickness and cravings are much worse! I can't wait for my first trimester to be over!  On a lighter note, I feel I am more emotional, especially when I saw the tiny little bean for the first time in the ultrasound.  I am not sure why but probably it's because I am just so amazed that I am going to be a mother the second time around.  I now know how it feels to hold that little bundle of joy and see him grow and discover the world.

Now that I already have 'experience,' I have made a promise to myself that I will do my utmost best to exclusively breastfeed baby number 2 this time around. You see, I was not well informed about breastfeeding when I had Rocco.  I was only able to do my research after I had him.  I was immediately disheartened when he could not latch properly.  I was not that well informed, so we did mixed feeding an I gave up on pumping and breastfeeding him on his 3rd month.  I was exhausted and desperate and the easy way out was to give up.    I never thought that breastfeeding was this challenging.  I always thought that the baby will just automatically latch and that's it!  Easier said than done, but now I know that you have to be informed, determined and have the support that you need especially in times when you feel like giving up.  As early as now I have been doing my research and prepping my hubby to support me with breastfeeding our baby especially when there will come a time that I feel that I am going to lose the fight.

Honestly I am so excited to fulfill this goal of mine because I know it's for the good of my child.

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