Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tiny Toms

I chanced upon Toms some two years ago and have loved it ever since! I have sensitive feet so I really am always on the lookout for shoes and sandals that are good to my feet. What I also like about Toms is that for every pair of Toms that you buy, you know that you will also be helping someone. That's why they call it One for One - one person buys and another one is helped.

I decided to buy Rocco his very first pair of Toms because he is so into walking and running. It is now his most "sulit" shoes to date. It's so comfy and easy to use. Just slip it on and he's ready to go. I love it because it's so light. He literally uses it every single day!

Rocco and Mommy's Toms

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