Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mommy finds: my favorite pregnancy lotion

One of the things that a lot of pregnant women are weary about would be stretch marks.  One of the things that I cannot live without when I am pregnant is Mothercare's it's your body stretch mark cream.  I totally swear by this product and it only costs P350!  I have used this in my two pregnancies and I can only count the number of stretch marks (around five in the tummy area) that I had sustained in my two pregnancies.  To be honest, I felt I was the stretch mark prone kinda preggy woman because I have stretch marks even before I got pregnant (most likely due to some yo-yo dieting back in the days). Ok, that's just TMI!  But I just wanted to share my experience with this cream that has become my best friend and has worked wonders.  Not only is it good to your skin, but to your pocket as well.  Believe me, once upon a time I shelled out P10k for a popular stretch mark cream that didn't work!    

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