Saturday, November 9, 2013

The good and the BAD cholesterol

Our tests results (lab test, that is) are in and we all have bad cholesterol beyond the acceptable limit.  I, being the healthier looking between my hubby and our helper have the lowest score, just a few points over the limit.  The two, who you would assume would be in a healthier state, have higher bad cholesterol than me.  This just goes to prove that thin does not necessarily mean healthy.  I pretty much had an incling that they would have higher scores becuase of their food choices.  Now, since we all need to take some medication (I for a month and the other two for three months), it is an eye opener that we really must alter or eating habits.  We seriously need to avoid fried foods (or at least lessen it), drink more water and exercise.  As my brother (a personal trainer and crossfit coach in Canada) keeps reminding us, no diet can help you if you do not change your lifestyle.  True that!  I have went off track for the past three weeks from my exercise regimen and eating 'cleaner food'  after I got sick.  This is indeed a wake up call since it's the first time that I went off any limit.  I will go back doing T25 plus some running on weekends with the hubby and be more serious about drinking green smoothies.  I commit to join Superfood Grocer's 10 day challenge.  So, in case you see my Instagram bombarded with daily pictures of my daily dose of green smoothie beginning  Monday, you can ignore it, or cheer me on.  Either way, the goal is to motivate myself and be healthier, not just for me but especially for my hubby and son (and fututre kid).  

                                         Superfood Grocer's challenge.

    Photos taken from Superfood Grocer's ebook.

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