Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Toddler activity: the salt dough experiment

R is not fond of touching slimy or gooey things.  That is why most of the sensory activities that I do with him would exposing him to such textures.  Pinterest has been my go to site when looking for toddler activities.  I pin away everything that interests me and just check out the individual links when I need to come up with a new activity.

For this week, we tried making the salt dough.  You just mix salt, water and flour and you have a soft dough that's ready to be worked!  R poured the ingredients by himself but took a backseat when it came to mixing.  He really did not want to do anything with it!  After the dough was formed, I pulled out the cookie cutters and this was what got his attention.  He got so giddy when he saw the Christmas tree cookie cutter!  He kept on saying "tee."  This was the ice breaker!  He enjoyed making dough cut outs.  To make him use his hands more, I gave him a ball of dough and asked him to follow what I did.  We squished and rolled the clay and made snake doughs, which he loved so much that he kept on swirling and making them crawl on the tray.

This is a very good activity for sensory play.  The consistency is softer than a clay making it easier to manipulate.  You can even make a memorabilia out of it by having your kid mark his hand or feet on the dough and bake it!  We were not able to do it since we did not have time to heat the oven. But we will definitely do this again!

                  All you need are 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c salt, 1/2c water, and a bowl for mixing!

                    R making his Christmas tree dough.

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