Monday, March 31, 2014

A Saturday well spent at Pinto Art Gallery

One of the places that I have listed on my 'to go to' lists this summer was Pinto Art Gallery.   My parents are both art enthusiasts and have exposed us to appreciating art at an early age.   My mom has been there several times and I have been wanting to visit it.  So, last Saturday, my Dad took us to Upper Eastside, a.k.a. upper Antipolo for a Saturday of art appreciation (and running for R).

I think it was a 30 minute drive, coming from L.A. (lower Antipolo).  We pretty much expected it to be a sweaty but fun morning.  Upon entering the gates of Pinto Art Gallery, I felt like I was transformed into another place.  Despite the heat and the endless running of my son, the place has this way of making you feel relaxed.  Probably it is because of the beauty of its surroundings which is just enthralling.  This is also why Pinto is not only popular to art collectors or enthusiasts, but has also become a popular spot for pre nuptial shoots, magazine and cover shoots and even weddings.

Sculptures are scattered all around together with several wrought iron beds and retro garden pieces.  Artworks are housed in Mexican inspired architecture which adds a rustic feel.  The gallery was also built respecting the natural landscape of the property, hence you will have to brace yourself going up and down a flight of stairs.  If you are going with your kids, make sure to always keep a watchful eye on them.  

If contemporary art does not appeal to you, don't fret because the architecture of this hectare wide  property is already a feast for the eyes. Honestly, I am not much of a fan of contemporary art.  I was more drawn to the women sculptures by Daniel dela Cruz and to the architecture of the place which was built by Tony Leano.

They also have a restaurant inside which is managed by Bizu.  We did not get to dine there because we were all sweaty (TMI, hehe) and wanted to go somewhere with air condition.  But,  I would love to go back and eat here with the hubby in tow, just the two of us to peacefully enjoy the surroundings.

When you enter the gates of Pinto, this is what welcomes you.    Entrance fee is P150 per person.  

The main house with a roof deck overlooking the Silangan gardens.

The pool was just so inviting. I was tempted to take a plunge! One of the workers said that this is where majority of wedding receptions are held.

This is the chapel where Julius and Tintin Babao renewed their vows.

                                         Here are some of sculptures in the gardens of Pinto.  
                                                 The left one kinda freaked out my son.

My favorite sculptures by Daniel de la Cruz.    The sculpture pictured on the left depicts a pregnant woman.  The sculptures on the right show several women seemingly flying down from a wall.  Such a unique concept.  

Inside one of the buildings that houses Salingpusa and Garibay's works.

                                                        Gallery of contemporary art.

                                                                     Mixed media.

More paintings. The place is so spacious and airy.

I can live in here! 

Doors, windows, hallways and a dining area.

This has got to be our favorite spot.  That's my dad sitting by the steps.

I am in love with this place.

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