Monday, May 5, 2014

Our journey to preschool has begun.

Finally, we have decided on R's prechool.  We chose Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola in San Roque, Marikina.  Apart from visiting the school and having a long discussion with the head teacher, I also got very good feedback from one of the mothers in Female Network.  She sent her son to the same school (in the Katipunan campus) and had the same teacher. It was a good sign that we finally found the school. 

On R's first day last February, he immediately went with teacher and did not cry.  Parents, guardians and Yayas are discouraged from staying in the school.  I had R only stay for 1.5 hours to slowly break him in and I was asked to stayed inside the office, getting a glimpse of my little school boy once in a while.  Seeing him made me feel both happy and a little sad.  Happy because we did not experience any resistance going to school and staying with the teacher. A little bit sad because I realized that he is no longer a baby who used to just be carried everywhere.  He is a few months short from turning three and is slowly beginning to explore the world and learn things without mommy or daddy beside him (well, for three hours everyday, at least). 

We attended our first of many PTAs last March and my hubby and I were anxious on what the teacher had to say.  We were pleased with his  progress, regardless how small it may seem and were also surprised at the things that he is able to do in school.  Despite having fifteen classmates (montessori has a bigger class size since it is multi-level), he was able to adjust pretty well.  Although he still needs to learn how to play and mingle with other kids at this point, we are happy how his teachers have helped him ease his way in and make him feel that he belongs.

    R's last day in school before the summer break, wearing hip hop inspired clothes.  
   They were asked to come in wearing dance theme clothes.  

Today, he goes back to FMP for summer school. We are back to the daily grind. 

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