Friday, May 23, 2014

Road trip to the City of Pines Part 2 : Le Monet

As I mentioned in my Part One post, we stayed at Le Monet in Camp John Hay.  I have read a lot of good feedback on this hotel, so it was worth the try. The deal that we got from Deal Grocer included buffet breakfast and massage for two.   Compared to The Manor, Le Monet is much smaller and has a quaint little garden at the back.  It is located just beside the Filling station, near a football field and just a few steps away from the butterfly farm and the horseback riding area.

  Le Monet's lobby and reception area. Check in and check out was swift.  
I love the chairs!

    The room has two queen size beds, a flat screen TV, a ceiling fan, and a balcony.  

We were lucky that the room that we got was overlooking the forest.

The bathroom is just the right size with a glass enclosed shower area.  
The shower area flooring can get slippery, though.  So be careful especially if you have kids with you.

Our beautiful view every morning.  Try to score a seat overlooking the garden.

    Breakfast Buffet at Dinelli is from 6-10am.  There's a little of everything. My son was over the moon having all the Koko krunch and yogurt for two days.  

 It was the usual breakfast flare with a little more quality.  

This is the indoor swimming pool.  The kids had a blast swimming.  I was a little bothered that there were a lot of flies and there were adults that were not wearing the proper swimming attire.  There was no one from the staff that was monitoring the pool area.

Overall, we had a wonderful stay in Le Monet and I feel that two nights in Baguio was not enough.  Despite the long drive and traffic in the city, it still retains it's charm.  That is why people still keep coming back and cannot get enough of the City of Pines.

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