Monday, November 2, 2015

Time to cleanse

A few weeks ago, one of my High school friends posted a photo of her colon cleansing regimen.  I took it as a sign to kick off my desire to get rid of all the toxins in my system.
I quickly sent her a message inquiring about it and immediate placed an order.  The price may be a little steep, but considering its benefits I think it is worth it.  The Clearstart package will last you a good full month.  Ideally, you should cleanse once every quarter.  

The Clearstart.

It's a 30-day process and I am already on my 20th day. The first day I would say was quite memorable because I was stuck in traffic and my stomach began to rumble.  TMI, but I did make it to the office with sheer will power (and self control).  Lesson learned, I shall never drink coffee during breakfast.  That was the culprit for me.  During the first few days, I had headaches and I was a bit hot tempered, which is not my usual self. It was part of the precautions so I expected it.  I also battled some acne issues for about two weeks and going on my third week, I noticed that my face started clearing up. Indeed that was a relief!  To add to my cleansing process, I also enlisted myself to a low calorie meal plan.  This is not a requirement, but I just feel I need to do myself some favor this time around and be nicer to my body. 

My daily food supply from Yummy Diet + LiFiber.

I did not expect that I will lose weight in the process since that is not the real purpose.  Others did whille some did not.    On my end, while the weighing scale did not change one bit, I felt that my clothes became loser and people noticed that my face got slimmer.  That was a plus, who would  not want that!  What I also love is that my bowel movement has become regular compared to when I started.  Probably that's why  I also feel so much lighter and energetic!  

I'm mid way in this program and I would honestly recommend this to anyone who wants to do their  body some favor.  I am not an agent of this product but I am so glad that I found it.  The Clearstart package by Unicity contains a bottle of Paraway Plus, which you drink first thing after waking up, the Li Fiber which you drink half an hour after drinking Paraway Plus, and  Natures Way.

Happy cleansing!

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