Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving back and giving hope

I have heard of World Vision for the longest time and even attended a concert sponsored by them when Hubby and I were still dating.  That has been more than five years ago!  I also have cousins who have sponsored kids via WV.  Despite that and knowing what this organization stands for, it was only now that I joined and sponsored a child to school.  At around 4:30am, while browsing my FB newsfeed, I came across the World Vision link and checked it out.  I am someone who HATES filling out forms and was delighted when I saw that I can sponsor a child in the comforts of my bedroom and pay online. How cool and efficient is that!  

Convinience aside, what drove me to act today was because of what we had to undergo lately - having a miscarriage for the second time. Honestly, I haven't cried a bit after finding out we lost again.  To this point, I am not sure why.  Have I gotten numb, am I still in denial, or probably I just learned to surrender everything to the Him and hold on to faith that one day, R will have a sibling?  Life is challenging and tricky.  But still, I try to look at the bright side of things.  I am still blessed with a happy and healthy family.  And with that I am very greatful.  The yearning to have another child is so great, but maybe in God's time. For now, I want to share what we have in memory  of Vito and our other angel.  There are alot of  kids in our own country that deserve good education and this is one avenue that we can lend a helping hand one child at a time.  It's the holidays and this may be one of the best gifts that we can ever give someone. It is time to give back and give hope.

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