Monday, July 30, 2012

Lego love

Over the past few weeks I have been obsessing about Lego. I cannot wait for Rocco to play with his very first set! I remember when I was a kid, I played with my brother's Legos. I vividly remember Duplo sets and I know he had this gas station set. It was really an awesome toy and how I wished we were able to keep it. But then again, who the hell was thinking of the future and preserving? Definitely not us! But at least the consolation was we were still able to pass it on to our you ger cousin, who was very creative and would turn these blocks into makeshift guns, hahah!

So anyway, back to my obsession. As I scoured the toy stores, I just found out how expensive they are selling Lego. Double the price compared to the price in Canada! Goodness. I will definitely not buy here! But one thing's for sure. For Rocco's 2nd birthday, the theme will definitely be LEGO. Here are the adorable designs that I have seen and I cannot wait!!!!

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