Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Parenting choice: What you eat is what you get.

While I was pregnant with Rocco, I never really thought of what to feed him once he would be able to eat solid food. In my mind it was only Cerelac and Gerber. Probably because these were the food staple in every baby's diet, i.e. the 80's baby (lol!). I also did not know that now a days, most babies are only given pure breast-milk/ formula (mixed in my case) until their 6th month. Note that I said 'most pediatricians' because each one has a set of different practice. A lot of pediatricians however, nowadays advise parents to only give breastmilk or formula until the baby is 6 months. The reason for this is that babies tend to like solid/soft food (whatever you want to call it) more and drink less milk, which isn't good. I am personally amenable to this practice. Sometimes, it is really more of the thrill of feeding and shopping for food and utensils that gets us.

Before Rocco hit his 6th month, I researched the net for baby food recipes. For some reason I became very conscious on the type of food that he would eat. As much as possible, I veer away from giving him Dried cereals and bottled food. In short, I prefer to make his food. Although once in a while I resort to Promina/ Cerelac and Earth's best baby food especially when we are travelling or when I'm just too lazy to cook. My goal is for Rocco to grow up with healthy eating habits which means not bingeing on junk, processed and fast food which may lead to future illnesses like obesity and Diabetes to name a few. Diabetes also runs in the family that's why I'm cautious. Most of the food that I prepare for him are steamed, baked or boiled. If I make him drink juice, I prefer it fresh and I seldom make him drink as well so that he will learn to drink water. I avoid giving him fried food. I just can't picture my son eating fried food at this young age. Maybe when he's 5, haha!

Preparing his food everyday isn't easy, but I think it's worth it. I admire my cousin in law and one local actress who were able to train their children to snack on fruits and vegetables. I may not be there yet, but I'm trying.

My only wish is that Rocco will be able to practice healthy eating habits as he grows older. And I know that his Dad and I will play a big role on molding him to be one.


  1. Hey Ro! I hope that he wont be a picky eater. With X, the first year it was easy to feed him anything and everything. But now, he just only wants his milk. He would try to eat here and there but not sit down on his highchair and really it spoonfuls. I did do my best of not feeding him jarred baby food and have him eat whatever I am eating. He was good in doing that until he was about 15months old that it was a complete turnaround. I am still not in the stage yet too of having Xavier eat veggies as snack. At the rate he is going, I need to pass this stage of him being picky. I told my mom to look for this vitamin na "pampagana." I will try that and see how that one goes and hopefully would work.

  2. Hey Sue, I hope so too! My pedia prescribed a pampagana (Heraclene) before when Rocco was sick and parang after around 2 days, he was ok. Not sure if it was really that or if it was because he was already feeling better. I know someone whose kids are taking appetite stimulants, but it seems that it's not working. On second thought, those kids have poor eating habits, as in! The one that is common here is Propan.



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