Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy Bag

I love bags! Well, who doesn't? There was a time in my life (when I was single) when I really splurged on bags ( and shoes and clothes and gadgets, haha). I wasn't thinking of anyone at that time. I was single and I can do whatever I want! Well, well, that was the old me. Once I had my son a year ago, things changed. My priorities have changed. With a baby (now a toddler) in tow, I do not even have the time to change my bag. Now a days, I prefer lightweight totes ( me and my over used LC's!). I rarely use the leather ones because some are pretty heavy to lug around . In addition to that, I need roomy bags. Sometimes, I don't even carry a bag. Just me and my good ol' pochette and magic wallet.

The other day, I allowed myself to salivate over bags in the internet which I think will be perfect for me since they're big and I love the colors. There goes my birthday wish list! It will probably be after 2 years that I'll consider buying one (fat chance) when Rocco is older. Going back to lightweight (and did I mention nylon) bags, what I really really want is the Prada Nylon tote. It's so simple and low maintenance.  So now let me think who I can convince to buy me one, tsk tsk!



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