Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your hair(ness)

I have naturally curly hair.  Back in the days when Rebonding was still not available, I would literally spend just an hour blow drying my (short) hair.  So imagine how ecstatic I was when rebonding came into the picture.  Life will never be the same again.  As far as I can remember I have had 5 rebond sessions already.  Although it (rebonding)  promises to be safer than the good 'ol relaxing/straightening formulas, it's still chemical and your hair still needs to have monthly treatments and breathe.

Talking about resting my hair.  It was free from any chemical treatments for almost two years since I got pregnant and gave birth to my little Shaolin.  Rebonding is a definite no-no during pregnancy.  I also made a conscious effort not to treat my hair with any chemicals until Rocco was a year old (add to the fact that I also breastfed him for the first 3 months).  I sacrificed my hair (having a better looking hair, if you can call it that).  However these past few months I really couldn't bear it anymore!  My hair has become unruly even if it's tied back in a ponytail.  These baby hairs looked like bean sprouts on top of my head and I started to become irritated by it.  So, I finally decided that it's time to do something with my hair.  Not just a haircut, but I wanted it to be manageable!

I have been wanting to try Digi-perm (weird you'd thing because I already have curly hair).  However I did not want my whole hair permed.  So I did some research and came across Tony and Jackey, a Korean salon that specializes in this technology.  Deal Grocer also had a promo at that time (rebond/ digi-perm + treatment +1000 GC) so I grabbed the chance. Last Sunday, I went to their SM Noth Edsa branch, which was closer to home.  They referred me to their Senior stylist, Ms Grace and she examined my hair.  She then said I needed to have a treatment first because my hair was so dry and I gladly obliged since I badly needed it.   I had to pay an additional amount for the treatment and for the 'strong' rebonding solution that they will use on my hair.  Moreover,  since I wanted to also have the lower part permed, that's another plus ($!#%!).  I just went with it (that's how badly wanted to try it).  I just closed my eyes hoping that my hubby wouldn't ask how much I had to shell out apart from the promo I got (which wasn't that cheap as well).    In hindsight, I actually paid the same amount way back when I would get my hair rebonded in Piandre (and Piandre has way better service and facility).

I was surprised that the process only took 3 hours.  I was used to sitting on the chair for 4 to even 6 hours. I was even allowed to wet my hair the following day, except that I should only use conditioner for the next 2 days.  At present I cannot really say if this was all worth it since it has just been two days.  But so far, the curls are still intact and my hair is still 'tame.'

I'll blog again about my hair after a month and we'll see the real results.  But for now,   I learned not to buy from groupons having salon promos again .  There were just too many hidden charges.

Below are just a few of the pictures that I was able to take. When I came home, my son did not recognize me and refused to go near me for about an hour! He did not recognize me with bangs and curls! So cute!

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