Thursday, August 22, 2013

A weekend in Tagaytay

Last August 9, we trooped to Tagaytay with my ex-officemates and their families and stayed at  the Taal Vista Hotel.  We bought our hotel vouchers from Deal Grocer, which had a pretty good deal at P3,999 overnight package for two with buffet breakfast!

Going to Tagaytay is usually an easy drive.  It would  take us an hour to an hour and a half to get there.  But that weekend was crazy.   We were not aware that there was an INC (Iglesia ni Cristo) gathering in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  We were stuck in Greenfield alone for two hours, can you imagine!  Loads of buses and jeepneys were parked everywhere, plus people walking along the road made it harder for vehicles to pass through.  We were able to breathe when we hit Nuvali and there was no more traffic.  We finally arrived at our destination at 4:30pm, after three and a half hours of travel time.

It was my first time to stay in Taal Vista hotel.  I have always loved hanging out there because it is the only hotel in Tagaytay that has sprawling grounds that kids will enjoy.  Not to forget that it also a great view of the Taal Lake.

We stayed at their Deluxe Room in the new wing.   You would have to walk quite a distance going to their rooms which can be a challenge for some, especially senior citizens.   But don't fret!  They have golf carts available that can take you to the lobby or to the other side of the hotel.

The size of the room was just right.   I found it ok.  We had a King sized bed and a daybed and the room had the basic necessities.   I would have loved it if the room was carpeted, that there was a door in the bathroom and that there was a detachable shower head.

The shower and toilet areas have frosted glass doors, but it still felt weird not having a door in the bathroom, especially if you have other people with you other than family.  The shower area is quite spacious.  It is a good thing that they have a rubber mat because the tiles get too slippery when wet.  But if you have a little boy who loves water so much and would jump in excitement while showering, better bring an extra rubber mat.  Child-friendly and Child safety. Yes, these are the things that I notice or look for especially when I became a mother.

The hotel also has a small play room.   It was small and there wasn't really much to do.  They just placed some books,  a plastic playground system and a TV.  There were a few dead insects lying around in the corners of the room.  Still,  I am thankful that they even thought of putting a playroom.  But I hope they can somehow re-do it.  Make it more kid friendly and cleaner.

Moving on to breakfast, they have a pretty sumptuous buffet spread.  There was a lot of people checked in but we were able to secure a place even if we were quite a big group.  They had Filipino and American breakfast dishes like Adobo, garlic rice, lugaw, danggit, taho,pancakes, bacon, cereals, etc. They also have an Omelette station, which is always a plus.    After breakfast, the kids just enjoyed running up and down the garden.  We were not able to swim because of the inclement weather.

In general, the hotel staff was friendly.  Any chance they pass by you, they will greet you and would offer to help you in case you are carrying something.  We just weren't happy about how the F&B manager handled my friend's request about the waiving of corkage, but that's another story.

Overall, we still had an enjoyable stay.  There are some details that they are missing out on and hope they will address it. The kids enjoyed running around the garden and just having a relaxing weekend.  We will definitely go back because we love how big the place is, lots of room for running for R.

My friend's daughter was celebrating her birthday that day.  Cupcakes were made by moi.
Personalized greeting.
Deluxe Room bathroom.  No door.

Deluxe Room bathroom.

Deluxe Room.

King sized bed + a daybed.

Vanity and media area.


A few books in the playroom.

R running.  What's new.

R loved going up and down the garden.

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