Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY: wall stencil

I have finally finished stenciling our wall!  It was easier to paint than do the stencil (I made my own stencil, thanks to the internet).  In terms of making my own stencil, there were several hits and misses, leaving my fingers sore from all that cutting.  Then I finally found the materials that worked best in making a DIY stencil : a box knife (the Xacto knife failed in doing its jjob) and an acetate which are all available in National Bookstore.  Using the box knife was a breeze and I wanted to kill myself for not realizing that sooner.

The other materials which included the paint, roller brush, paint pan and painter's tape, I bought from ACE Hardware.  I was so excited with my project and was amazed at how many colors of yellow were available and had to do two trips to ACE just to decide on what color I'd want.  I also never realized how expensive painter's tape was (P350).  It was almost as expensive as the paint (P420)!  I had no choice but to buy it. I had no time to canvass since I was too excited to start my project.

It just took me less than two hours to paint our room, can you believe it?  At the last minute, I decided to do a tone on tone and left the terracotta accent wall blank (for now), which was supposed to be the wall I was going to stencil.  

Total amount spent was around P900. Majority of which went to the paint and painter's tape.  But you would definitely spend less or nothing at all if you already have these on stock  at at home.

I'm so proud and happy with my little project.  The damask stencils added life to our once boring walls.

    The boring walls.

      I scoured the net for damask patterns and just scaled the pattern to my desired size.

    Tape, paint and you are done!

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