Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where did time go?

I was browsing through my hard drive and saw my son's dedicated folder.  I browsed through the gazillion photos that I took of him ever since he was a baby and boy did it make me nostalgic!  I look at him now and I cannot fathom that I already have a very energetic toddler.

Once a upon a time he was this tiny little creature, so fragile at 5.10 pounds.  All he did was cry, sleep and drink milk.  Those days seemed like eternity and my husband and I were itching to get some normalcy in our lives (in the sleeping department, that is).  Well, that took quite a while .  But those sleepless nights, although it sucked out all our energies, were actually the times that I treasure the most. There was somehow a sense of calmness despite all the crying.  I felt like I could be anything and would do anything for my son.

As he turned one, we have already established his sleeping habits. When the clock strikes nine, he's a goner.  Sleepless nights were replaced by never ending  muscle pains as he attempted to explore the world with his own two feet, with us trying to run after him.  He learned the alphabet and numbers and attended his very first summer class.  I was one proud teary eyed momma during his 'graduation day' as I watched him perform the songs that they learned in class.

He is now two and I honestly need to keep up with his energy, which has made me think about how physically fit I am now a days (more on that on a separate post).   He is starting to affirm his independence.  As a mother, all I can do is try to let him be and explore the world on his own even if I am already at the edge of my seat, wanting to help him or do it for him.  

Soon, he will be going to school, have friends of his own. One day, his hands will no longer look for mine in every step that he makes. And so now that I have all the time to be with him, I am trying to savor every moment of it, regardless how annoying sometimes he can get.

To my little Pippo, do not be in a hurry to grow up. May you learn to enjoy your childhood and be able to appreciate the simple things that make life worth living. Remember that I will forever be your greatest fan. To me and you Dad, you are already perfect and we are truly blessed to have you. We love you so much!

From birth to three months.  Look at the (weight) transition.

Barely a year old.  Stopping to smell the orchids in the garden.

At Summer school, climbing the fence!


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