Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make up lessons at Shu Uemura

One of the things in my bucket list is to be able to take up personal make up lessons.  I am no make up junkie but I just want to learn the basics and be able to do my make up during special occasions or events.  I have been seeing Shu Uemura make up courses in Deal Grocer for the longest time, but I never have gotten around and purchase any deal.  It was only after Vito's passing that I finally took the plunge and I am so happy that I did!

I picked the 3 day course which was for P5,000.  Each session lasted for 3 hours everyday from 1pm-4pm.  Normally, there would only be one instructor throughout the duration with three participants.  However, during my class, we had three different instructors (Rizza, Hannah and John) and we were only two in the class which was awesome!  John (Pagaduan) was the main instructor, however, he had scheduled photo shoots on Day 1 and 2.  We (my classmate Bea and I) kinda wished that we didn't have to change teachers everyday, but we just tried to look at the advantages and make the most out of the sessions.  It was so much fun because we got to use and try all Shu Uemura products in the store (I especially love the Tsuya mousse primer and Tsuya skin), there was a 10% discount on their products if you make a purchase on the day of the class and a Shu Fanatic Membership Card!

I learned a lot from those three days and it was more than enough to kick off my renewed interest for make up and start establishing a skincare routine.  Our instructors always reminded us that beautiful make up starts with beautiful skin, which is so true!  I felt ashamed that when I was asked what my skincare regimen was, all I could say was that I just wash my face with Cetaphil or Argan soap and that's it!  Well, I used to have a skincare regimen.  I used the Obagi Nu Derm line and frequented my dermatologist before I got married, but that stopped when I got pregnant, gave birth and got engulfed with raising Rocco (and got pregnant again after a year).  I need to establish a skincare routine soon since I am also not getting any younger.

Anyway, here is my certificate of completion, yey!  I would love to post pictures, but I'm still not comfortable looking at my super fat self, hahah!  So I guess the certificate will suffice at the moment :)


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