Thursday, May 30, 2013

My top 3 hair products

Here are three hair products that I super love!

The Gliss Kur hair repair by Schwarzkopf  was a pasalubong (gift) from my sister in law last month when she went Europe and I swear it's the best ever!  I have tried other leave in conditioners similar to it, but this one leaves my hair really soft. I also love the scent and it won't weigh down your hair.   I usually spray this on my towel dried hair and spray a little more once my hair is dry. I am truly a convert!  I'm just not sure if this is available here, though.  Gotta do my research on this.

Lumi Oil Oil by L'oreal has been a staple in my dresser for the longest time.  One pump goes a long way!  I cannot even remember when I bought this bottle.  I usually use this after I blow dry my hair, which does not happen quite often now a days having to take of a very active toddler.

Volume Essence by Natubea is a Korean brand.  I bought this after I had a digiperm at Tony and Jackey. This was one of the products that my Korean hairdresser recommended to have long lasting curls.  I must say she was correct. It enhances the curls and won't damage your hair.  I squeeze in a pea size of this product and scrunch it on towel dried hair and I'm good to go for the day!

So there goes my top three hair products! Care to share yours?

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