Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kid friendly restaurants

Ever since I became a mom of an active toddler, I have become very picky where we eat.  My number one requirement is that the restaurant needs to have a decent and safe high chair.  With decent I mean, clean and not some beat up and dirty looking chair. I like the rubbermaid ones, which I just clean with wipes before Rocco sits.  High chair safety is very important as well.   Not all restaurants that have high chairs are safe (and kid friendly).  I am particularly referring to high chairs found in Chinese restaurants that do not have safety harnesses.  What is up with that?  I just don't get it.  Those chairs are not kid friendly.  They can just easily fall off from those chairs!

So anyway, enough of my ranting about high chairs.  Let's go to the real purpose of this post.  Kid friendly restaurants.  I love eating at restaurants operated by the GRCI group (owners of PF Chang's. IHOP, CPK, etc)  because they also think of their small customers from their kiddie meals, plastic straw cups and activity sheets.  The same goes for Pancake House, Friday's, Burgoo, Chili's and Conti's that offer kiddie meals.

A plus will be establishments that also have kiddie nooks or play areas to keep the kids busy.  So far the restaurants/ coffee shops that we have been to are: Maple in Shangri-la Mall, Mary Grace in Greenbelt and Stacy's in Capitol Hills. I hope more restaurants will follow suit!

Maple, Shangri-la

My son taking advantage of the kiddie nook while we wait for our orders to arrive.

Maple's kiddie meal

Stacy's kiddie corner

My son and hubby playing with the blocks at Stacy's.

PF Chang's kiddie menu and activity sheet.

PF Chang's plastic tumbler that goes with every kiddie meal.


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