Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On accent walls and my sudden obsession with stenciled walls

Ever since we had our room re-painted and repositioned our bedroom furniture to give way to our new TV, I have been thinking of what to do with our accent wall.  I hate staring at that blank terra cotta wall and I cannot take it anymore!  Then the other day, I came across one of my friend's picture (in Facebook) of her house and I just adored its' interior design! I immediately sent her a message and told her how I loved her home!  She was quick to share that they hired an ID and also referred me to several blogs that inspired her home.  KM Interior Design Manila did an fabulous job!  I fell in love with her home's stenciled walls and I felt that was the answer to my miserable blank wall!

I am totally hooked and am so obsessed in stenciling our bedroom wall ASAP.  By the way, don't you just love Pinterest?  I love the pegs that I find there and I just need to narrow down on the stencil that I want that will be appropriate for our room.  I really cannot wait and I hope I complete this DIY project before the month ends!

     The blank wall will finally have a life!

     Photos above are from KM Interior Design Manila Facebook page.

    My Pinterest peg.  I'm leaning towards this design so that our room will not look too cramped.

    Another Pinterest Peg from Cuttingedgestencils.com

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