Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mommy eats : Rustic Mornings

I am not from Marikina, but I love Marikina (my neighbor City), especially because it is home to some good hole in the wall restaurants.

Last Saturday morning, I had breakfast with my son and my parents at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo.  I have been itching to eat there for the longest time!  It was just recently that my family and I got ourselves acquainted with the numerous restaurants that abound in our neighboring city.  It is such a shame that we only did this now, but better late than never as they say!

Entering Rustic Mornings, I was pleased with what I saw.  I loved it's quirkiness and the feeling of being away from the mall or any commercial establishment.  I felt at home.

At 8:30am, the place was quite full and we were lucky that we were able to secure a place inside the air conditioned dining area.  Not that I did not mind eating in the garden, but my mom isn't a huge fan of Al Fresco dining.  I suggest that if you are planning to eat here, better call in advance to make a reservation.

I was happily surprised that there were a number of kids that were dining, too!  Literally, every table had a child or two.  I only wished that they will add more high chairs because there was only one available, and it was already taken when we came.  I hope they will think of adding a couple more since the place is getting more popular, and kids like eating too, you know. Since we did not have a high chair, I had to chase my son once in a while, who would get down his chair and try to go outside.  He loved exploring the place and pointing at the fishes in the small pond in the garden.

Now moving on to the food!  The menu had the usual breakfast offerings - Omelettes, pancakes, sandwiches, etc. They also have pasta and pizza.  We ordered the All meat and Country omelettes and Buttermilk Pancakes.   The Omelettes were quite good and filling that we were not able to eat Lunch anymore! The Buttermilk Pancakes that I ordered for my son was just average.  They were fluffy, alright, but the pancakes were buttery oily (if there's such a term) and I am not a fan of crispy pancakes.  It also lacked the buttermilk flavor that I was looking for.  Well on second thought, nothing beats Pancake House's Pancakes.  The brewed coffee was also a let down.  I'm a sucker for coffee and was not quite happy with it. On my next visit, I'd skip the pancakes and brewed coffee.

Despite a few disappointments, our overall dining experience was still a pleasant one. We loved the ambiance, food was pretty good (the omelettes), service was fast, and there is ample parking space. We would definitely eat here again!

Rustic Mornings' Menu
  Foods are reasonably priced.  You'd spend an average of P200-400 per person.
 We ordered the Meat Lovers omelette, buttermilk pancakes, coffee and the Country Style omelette.  The Omelettes came with home made ciabatta, while the Buttermilk Pancakes came with free brewed coffee.
    Entrance to the air conditioned dining area.
Vintage bicycles.
Al Fresco dining.
Airconditioned dining area
My son exploring the grounds.
Parking space.

Restaurant hours: 8am-4pm. No reservations required
Address :#11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina City
(02) 5106914 . (02) 6812461 . 0917 7005810


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  1. Yes a rewarding discovery indeed......a welcome change from mall or hotels ambiance......eagerly looking forward to the new food trips!!!!!u



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