Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY monograms

In line with my quest to redecorate R's room, I am doing a take two on making monograms using scrap cardboards.  I am planning to cover these letters with washi tape and either mount it on canvass or just directly stick or hang it on one side of his room.  

I decided on going the DIY route because I couldn't seem to find enough letters to complete his name.  Besides, it's much more fun doing it on your own and definitely cheaper.  

All you need are the following:
- scrap cardboard from your child's toys
- glue gun or masking tape
- white glue
- water
- scissors, Xacto knife or box knife
- strips of newspapers
- mixing bowl
- cutting board
- washi tape

Here's how to make your own monogram:
- Pick a desired font, print in a board paper and cut.
- Trace the letter on a cardboard. You will need to do this twice for the front and back panel.
- Cut some strips of cardboard (I made mine an inch) which you will use to put together the front and back panel.
- You can either use a masking tape or glue gun to glue the pieces together. I used masking tape because I was too lazy to heat the glue gun.
- make your own Mod lodge. Mix 1 part water and 1part glue in a bowl.
- Dip strips of newspaper into the mixture and use these to cover the letter.
- I just wanted to cover the edges, but you may go ahead and cover everything if you desire.
- Let it dry for at least half a day.  I used a hair dryer to speed the drying process.

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