Monday, January 13, 2014

My Pinterest obsession.

Anyone addicted to Pinterest, raise your hand!   Pinterest for me is a life savior!  I refer to it for cooking, decorating, and dressing up.  I can spend hours pinning and salivating over  gorgeous home interiors and finding fashion inspiration.  

I dream of my own home someday.  As early as now, I have been collecting pegs for that.  If you check out my Home inspiration board, you will notice that I am partial to neutral and muted colors.  My sense of style is eclectic ranging from rustic, modern, shabby chic and Asian.  I love the mixture of different styles all rolled into one pretty space.  

Here are some of my favorite pegs:

     Living room pegs.  Neutrals with a punch of color and patterns.

              Prints and patterns. The possibilities are endless.

 I am obsessed with vignettes.  It just makes things more beautiful to look at.

I tell you, I can spend hours pinning.  I hope one day all these pegs will become a reality.

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