Monday, January 20, 2014

Going back to basics.

This year, my mantra is to go back to basics from my wardrobe to our bath essentials, and hopefully to my diet.  Modernization has indeed brought a lot of ideas and discoveries.  But sometimes with everything that's out there you just crave for what is simple and pure.  In short, you yearn for the basics.  

For the past few months, I have been suffering from major hair fall.  I am not sure if it was because I did not experience any hair fall after giving birth to my second boy, Vito nine months ago.  I have tried several commercial shampoos in the market claiming to reduce x% of hair fall to no avail.  Yes, I was desperate.  I realized that I should have listened to my mom who has been using natural and organic shampoos for the longest time and swear by it long ago.  After my epiphany I headed to the nearest Zen nutrients (lucky me they just opened a kiosk in SM Masinag) and Eco Store to buy my supply of these tried and tested products.  What I like about them is that they just smell so good,  not the artificial scent that I have been used to.  I always feel like I am at the spa whenever I use them.  These are actually the scents that I have been looking for all these years after my trip to The Mandala Spa in Boracay.  

I bought several shampoos because I read somewhere that you should change your shampoo every so often for maximum effect.  Two weeks into using Zen Nutrient's Gugo shampoo and conditioner and Ilog ni Maria, I have already seen great improvement I'm the amount of hair fall.  Yippee do!  

Now, I swear  I am never gonna get back to using commercial shampoo.

My natural and organic bath essentials.  From  L-R : Ilog ni Maria  P290, Zen nutrients 
    Gugo was around P215-P250 (sorry I forgot the exact price), Zen Nutreints Ylang Ylang Lemongrass body wash at P87 and Zen Nutreints Epsom salt with almonds at P110 at ZN's HQ inventory sale.
Of course, I also changed R shampoo and body wash.  Especially after I read that the brand that  we were using was caught in a controversy of 
               hiding harmful ingredients!  Human nature was also one of the pioneers that 
   Introduced natural products to the Philippine market.
Not part of my bath essential but this massage oil is the best smelling
 massage oil ever by Rituals!  Bought this from STU for only P210.
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